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"Handcrafted garden gates that are galvanised meaning they are protected against the British weather."
Garden Gates Hampshire
Garden Gates
"Paul's range of bespoke, handcrafted garden gates can help to add a touch of class to your property."
Exquisite wrought iron garden gates made to your exact requirements

Too many people spend a large amount of their time and money in ensuring that their garden is an immaculate testament to their horticultural abilities and taste, but then are satisfied with an off-the-shelf gate that looks like every other garden gate in the country. Paul Gilbert can craft an exquisite wrought iron garden gate to your specifications.

Wrought iron garden gates from Hampshire blacksmith Paul Gilbert have each been crafted from quality metal and is heated and hammered into shape. This traditional process combined with modern quality iron results in a gate that is not only very durable, but is also very attractive. All of Paul's wrought iron garden gates are protected from the British weather by being galvanised.

For more information about the garden gates Paul crafts, or areas he works outside of Hampshire.

Garden Gates Hampshire Working across the Hampshire area
Garden Gates Hampshire Garden gates bespoke to your needs
Garden Gates Hampshire Experienced and trusted
Iron Gates Hampshire
Garden Gates Hampshire Garden Gates Hampshire
Garden Gates Hampshire Garden Gates Hampshire
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Iron Gates Hampshire
Iron Gates Hampshire
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